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    Default Vivek Oberoi in Big Boss?

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    Rumours seem to be following Vivek Oberoi month after month. Even as the actor is neck deep into working with Ram Gopal Varma and ensuring that his next release Rakta Charitra gets just the right release and promotion, there have been new found rumours around him making a big splash on TV. Believe it or not but after the name Shah Rukh Khan was spoken about in hush hush tone, the newest entrant is Vivek Oberoi who has apparently been approached to host the new season of Big Boss.

    "Of late there has been some buzz surrounding how Vivek too has come close to biting the television bug. Earlier there were talks about being approached to participate in the new season of 'Swayamvar' after Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan. Now there is a buzz in the air that he could well be hosting the new season of 'Big Boss' too as well", says an insider from the television industry who wished to be unnamed.

    However, the truth is that as of now Vivek has no plan of doing Big Boss or any other television show.

    While Vivek was unavailable for comment, a source close to him said, "What? Vivek is hosting 'Big Boss'? Now that's some news because Vivek is definitely not doing the show. Yes, there have been some murmurs around him hosting the show but none of that is true."

    There can't be any smoke without fire though. It is hard to imagine that the news would have originated out of nowhere.

    "Well, one can't be too sure", says the source in a careful tone, "However, it can be stated with confidence that Vivek is not even remotely contemplating getting intotelevision . He has things to look forward to in the world of movies. There is Rakta Charitra getting ready for release. Also, there is a film happening with Mani Ratnam. He would like to totally concentrate on that rather than getting his attention diverted to other mediums."

    Well, for all the late night television addicts out there who could have hoped for Vivek to be entering their living rooms on a daily basis and bring to fore the inside gossips of the 'Big Boss' inmates, there is going to be some wait for sure.
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