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    Default Vishwaroopam loses DTH steam

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    Following stiff resistance to his decision to premiere 'Vishwaroopam' on DTH a day before its theatrical release, Kamal Haasan had shifted the film's release from January 11 to January 25. We've now learnt that while it will hit theatres down south on the appointed date, the Hindi version will release on Feb 1. And it doesn't end there. The actor-filmmaker's DTH plans have gone awry, what with the DTH release pushed back to atleast six weeks after the Hindi version hits theatres.

    Apparently, Kamal's latest stance had much to do with the fact that he wanted a wider release befitting his project, which has been mounted on such a grand scale. A source close to the film told TOI, "If he hadn't pushed back the DTH release, his film wouldn't have been accepted by all the national multiplexes."

    In an email sent by Kamal yesterday morning to Ramesh Sippy of Balaji Motion Pictures - Vishwaroopam's all-India distributor, the actor filmmaker explained the reason behind his decision. He informed Sippy that while he had originally planned the DTH release a day after the theatrical release, that wasn't acceptable even to the smaller city multiplexes. So he decided to shift the DTH release by a week to get their support. But at that point, he was advised to push back the DTH release by at least six weeks after the film hit theatres, to get acceptance by the larger metro multiplexes as well. Taking into consideration the film's massive production values, he decided move the DTH release by six weeks. Kamal also requested Sippy to ensure his film got the kind of release it deserves.When contacted, Sippysaid, "We are doing the needful."

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