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    Default Vipul Shah rebukes Aishwarya for latecoming!

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    After Aishwarya Rai repeatedly reported late to the sets of Action Replay, director Vipul Shah decided to teach her the importance ofpunctuality. A source said, “Aishwarya would always come late to the sets. On days when she came on time, she would spend most of her time doing up her hair, make-up and clothes while everybody kept waiting for her. The entire schedule of the shoot would get disrupted. The unit is shooting with Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya at ND Studios, Karjat. “Vipul is extremely particular about shooting the scenes aesthetically. He was fed up of waiting for hours for Aishwarya. Surprisingly, he made his dismay very clear on the sets a few days ago,” said a source.

    Ta l k i n g about the particular incident, the source said, “That day, Aishwarya came to the sets, changed into her costume, did her make-up and hair and was ready to shoot. After the entire process, which took her several hours, Vipul shot precisely for a minute before declaring pack-up. Aishwarya was aghast that Vipul had made her get ready only to shoot with her for a minute. She openly expressed her displeasure to which Vipul shot back, ‘Apne sets pe sab time par aate hain aur sab time par jaate hain.’This was a clear indication of how irritated Vipul was.”As expected, Vipul denied our story and said, “This is totally false.

    Aishwarya has an extraordinary look in the film. We always knew it would take time for her to get ready because of which we had planned the shoots accordingly. We have not had any delays because of her. In fact, she is working 15 hours every day for my film. She is extremely professional and I am delighted to be working with her.



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