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    Default Vikram Bhatt to release 6 minutes of 'Dangerous Ishhq'

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    Marketing a movie and endorsing it now-a-days has turned a moderately tough job for the makers, and thus an ace filmmaker Vikram Bhatt is going a step beyond and is trying to carry out something new. To break usual norm in Bollywood, Vikram Bhatt is planning out to take an all together different path to promote his forthcoming movie, where he will be releasing an approximate 6 minutes of his 3D project 'Dangerous Ishhq' online.

    Dangerous Ishhq, the movie that marks the return of veteran actress Karisma Kapoor, is a story about a high profile kidnapping that is influenced by Sanjana’s (Karisma Kapoor) previous life events and memories. The reason for Sanjana’s boyfriend being kidnapped can be obtained from her previous life. With 24 hours in her hand, she has to find her boyfriend and his kidnapper. If this is the central plot of the movie, then why a 6 minute pre release video? Here’s why. The film’s thirty second promo managed to create a huge buzz but failed to portray the message of the movie.

    Karisma Kapoor plays a supermodel who experiences her past life regression to find solutions to her problems in her current life. Now this was not possible to show in a 30 second promo. The 6 minutes of the movie, which the makers are planning to release it on Sunday, May 6, will give the viewers an idea about the process of going into past life regression, as a result each and everybody will be able to understand what the movie is actually on the subject of.

    Now this is not a publicity stunt to gain publicity prior to the launch of the movie, but Vikram Bhatt’s action is a symbol of his confidence in the film. People are unaware about the characteristics of a regression and hence this 6 minute video is likely to clear their understanding.



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