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    Default Vidya's push scene in 'Kahaani' gets Metro clearance

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    Yesterday we reported that Vidya Balan 's forthcoming movie "Kahaani" which is slated for release this friday runs into trouble with Kolkata Metro Railway authorities over a push scene. 'Kahaani' makers were have been asked to remove Kahaani metro scene by the Kolkata Metro.

    Now the news is that the producers of ‘Kahaani’ have sorted out issues with the Kolkata Metro Railway authorities who had objected to a scene in the film where the actress is shown being pushed perilously before a speeding underground train.

    "They have promised us that there is nothing in the film that will tarnish the image of the metro railway or prompt people to commit suicide on the tracks. We are happy with their explanation and have removed objections," Kolkata Metro`s general manager P B Murti told reporters.

    Glad to have been able to convince the railway officials, producer-director Sujoy Ghosh said, "I have spent my childhood in Kolkata and will never do anything that will harm the city. The film is meant to increase the curiosity about the wonderful city that Kolkata is."

    ‘Kahaani’ trailer shows a pregnant Vidya waiting on the platform to board a Metro train at the Kalighat station. As soon as the train arrives, she is pushed onto the tracks by a man standing close to her.

    Director Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani spins around a pregnant Vidya Balan flies from London to Kolkata in search of her missing husband. With nothing to rely on except fragments of her memory about him, it is a story of a woman`s relentless struggle in an unknown city.



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