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    Exclamation When Vidya's mother caught Shahid

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    When Vidya's mother caught Shahid
    Shahid Kapoorís kismat didnít konnect well with him when he decided a prank on her co-star Vidya Balan while shooting in Canada for his upcoming flick Kismat Konnection.

    After knowing Vidaís weakness of getting petrified of spooky stories and ghosts, the chocolaty boy bought a horrifyingly mask to scare the day lights out of her.

    As planned, Shahid, along with the other unit members waited for the night to carry on their Vidya darao mission.

    Accompanied by his team, Shahid wore the mask and knocked at Vidyaís door, expecting none other than Vidya to open the door. Even the unit members were pretty excited to catch a glimpse of Vidya's scared stiff reaction and eagerly waited outside Vidya's room to watch the fun.

    A source reveals, "The entire unit was waiting with bated breath outside Vidya's door as they were all in on Shahid's prank. But guess what happened?"

    Well, it was time for the joke to be on Shahid because it was not Vidya but her mother who opened the door. Shahid was shocked out of his wits when he saw Vidya's mother, while Vidya's mother stood too stunned to react.

    A unit hand reveals, "Vidya's mom didn't know it was Shahid who was behind the mask. She thought he was an intruder so she held on to him tightly and called for security.

    Of course when the security guys came, everyone cracked up because the entire unit was in on the plan as Shahid had taken everyone into confidence".

    The entire unit burst into laughter and Shahid joined in on the joke by laughing nonstop. Well, Shahid, being in Bollywood for so long, you must have guessed, where thereís an actress there has to be her mom, too.

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    lol poor shahid, karne gaya tha kya or ho gaya kya lol

    Thankxx payal



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