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    A few raunchy scenes in the trailer of the actress’ forthcoming film The Dirty Picture were cut to meet the censor board's demands

    Ekta Kapoor's attempts at getting bolder with her films have just been thwarted. The Censor Board has objected to the second trailer of her upcoming film The Dirty Picture, directed by Milan Luthria.

    The officials felt that the trailer in question is too explicit and thus not fit for theatrical or television exhibition, unless it is given an A certificate.

    "The producers wanted a U/A for the trailer. They wanted the promo to be shown with as many films as possible starting with Pankaj Kapur's Mausam, which is expected to hit the theatres next week."

    The censors had objected to various scenes in the trailer and the producers had to make quite a few changes to it. "A lovemaking scene between Vidya Balan and Naseeruddin Shah in the car has been removed.

    Certain abusive words in Shah’s dialogue have been muted," revealed the source and quickly added, "But the entire un-cut trailer is still available on the web."

    When contacted, Balaji Motion Pictures’ CEO, Tanuj Garg said, "The Censor Board felt that a few scenes and words in the trailer might not be appropriate for television and for people watching a U/A film in cinemas. On the other hand, we were clear that we needed a U/A. Hence, we complied with their requests."



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