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    Default Vidya has an author-backed role

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    Abhishek Chaubey tells CT that since Ishqiya is a film about two criminals and a woman, that doesn’t make it a copy of Bandits....

    Referring to Ishqiya’s trailer, Anurag Kashyap has said: ‘This is what I call a trailer!’
    (Laughs) Anurag is totally biased. The intention of the trailer was to basically talk about the three characters and let people know the world they belong to. Once the audience is aware of this and the tone of the film, it’s easier for them to come and enjoy the film.

    Considering that this is your debut film, what was the most challenging aspect of directing Naseeruddin Shah?
    n Having been an associate of Vishal (Bhardwaj), I had a degree of familiarity with Naseer saab. Since he liked the role, it was easier for me to direct him. We all know about Naseer saab’s talent. What was challenging was his intellect. When I am directing, I try to create an environment where an actor can trust me. With Naseer saab, when I explain a scene to him, he will always ask why I am visualizing it that way. If he is satisfied, the acting will be pitch-perfect. Answering his ‘whys’ can be challenging.

    Does the actor or the director in Naseeruddin Shah ask for the answer to his ‘whys’ when you are explaining a scene?
    I think it’s the actor in Naseer saab saying this. He has a certain vision of a character. Once he is tuned to the character, he will put his mind and heart to playing it.

    You call Arshad Warsi a sly actor...
    He is very chalu. His approach is very casual, so much so that one can even feel that he is not putting much of an effort into it. But I think he is so sharp that he gets the thing bang on without outwardly expressing his effort. He didn’t even let me read the whole script but okayed it only by hearing me narrate the first scene! Arshad is a dangerous actor!

    A lot has been said about Vidya’s kiss-or-not-to-kiss act and her boldness in the film. Can you elaborate?
    Vidya has an author-backed role that has a strange mix of power and vulnerability. She has worked really hard, perfected a dialect that’s spoken in UP and has related to the role because she is a very sensitive individual. Being bold is not really about how much an actor exposes on screen. Vidya’s character has explored certain ideas about womanhood that’s bold. I can’t elaborate further now since that would mean giving away the plot.

    You have also cast Rajesh Sharma, whom Kolkata directors can’t think beyond casting as either the cop or the rapist ...
    I trusted Rajesh’s talent. He is such a seasoned actor. When I watched him in Khosla Ka Ghosla, I could smell his potential. Sur kahan lagana hai yeh Rajesh ko pata hai.

    Meanwhile, bloggers are also debating that your film is a copy of the Bruce Willis-Cate Blanchett starrer Bandits ...
    I laughed when I first read that. When people see the trailers of Ishqiya being a film with two criminals and a woman, they immediately think it’s a copy of Bandits. Without any knowledge about my film, they have in-depth discussions on this issue too. It’s amusing.

    If your work is original, doesn’t it hurt to be tagged with copycats just when you are starting out as a feature film-maker?
    What can I do? Somewhere, I also understand that such comments result from a deep sense of cynicism. It’s a fact that in Bollywood, 90 per cent of the films are stolen. A lot of times when people make such comments about copies, they are right too. All I can say is that when my film releases, people will form their own opinion. Beyond a point, cinema viewing is a subjective experience. An opinion of a film can be influenced by anything from what you’ve had for breakfast to what your girlfriend said while watching it.

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