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    Directed by Anil Sharma and produced by Vijay Galani, ‘Veer’ is one magnum opus that Bollywood is keen to witness. Salman Khan had been sleeping over the script for nearly twenty years and now the dream project has grown to be one of the most expensive ventures. Extensive research, huge variety of casts, expansive settings and props and to top it all an impressive concept… ‘Veer’, set in the backdrop of eighteenth century, the film aims to highlight the fight against the British rule by Pindaris, a clan of warriors. Within this, blossoms a poignant love between a warrior – Veer the strongest of Pindaris and a princess – Yashodhara, daughter of King of Madavgarh who is a sworn enemy of Veer. ‘Veer’ said to be an epic saga of bravery and drama, treachery and love.

    The film has an assemble cast of veterans and foreign actors. Besides Salman, ‘Veer’ not only has Sohail Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta but also some Hollywood actors in the English roles. Salman said to have worked hard on his look for ‘Veer’ right from the styling to his toned physique. The leading lady debutant Zarine Khan is already hogging the limelight for her resemblance with Salman’s love beauty Katrina Kaif. It is said that the actor had put Zarine on a strict diet of chocolates and cakes to make her achieve a curvaceous figure, to match the structure of the women prevailing in those times.

    Besides, Salman saw to that every bit of the film is in tune with the bygone era – from looks to the background scores. The actor said to have strictly instructed the music directors Sajid-Wajid to maintain the feel of eighteenth century. The lyrics are done by Oscar winner Gulzar while the action is by Tinu Verma who is said to have researched over the warfare style and body movements of warriors of olden days. Based on the theme of war, the makers have used grand sets, blended with VFX effects.

    Salman has also taken consideration the length of the film, by keeping as short as two and half hours. Although the film has been toned down from the original script, Salman didn’t want to force people to sit a lengthy film and also he wanted to deviate from the usual epic films which are too long and boring.

    Distributed Eros International, Veer is waiting to unfold on the big screens on 22nd January 2010worldwide.

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