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    Default Veena Malik 's 'Veena ka Vivah' will never take off

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    Pakistani controversial model/actress Veena Malik, who was eagerly looking forward to her reality show 'Veena Ka Vivah' the third season of Swayamvar on Indian television NDTV Imagine TV has finally announced its closure.

    According to the official statement of the channel ‘Imagine TV’ which was released earlier today, the channel ‘Imagine TV’ has shut down its operations in India from Thursday, 12th April 2012.

    With the news of the channel shutting down there have been a lot of talks about Veena Mailk's swayamwar, the program for which all the preparations were already done.

    Imagine TV was launched as NDTV Imagine in January 2008. According to sources, the channel was garnering less TRP’s. Turner Broadcasting System (U.S based media giant firm) Asia Pacific, a division of Time Warner’s Turner International, issued the statement to the media and relevant authorities about shutting down their Hindi general entertainment channel (GEC) ‘Imagine TV’ in India.

    Siddharth Jain, the M.D. South Asia Turner International, said "The channel could not perform as per the expectations though a few of the shows got marvelous ratings but the overall business from the channel was below satisfactorily levels. Thus the company decided to close down the operations of the channel in India." He added that, "It was not a haste decision rather a very carefully decided decision. NTDV Network, the company which owned the majority stake of the channel Imagine TV initially, sold its part to the U.S based Turner International in year 2010."

    Presently Turner International owns and runs a number of well-watched and popular TV channels such as CNN, HBO, Cartoon Network, TCM, WB and Boomerang in India.

    So now Veena Malik's dream of becoming a bride on NDTV Imagine has come to an end.



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