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    Default Veena Malik ready to strip for Playboy for $1million

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    Actress Veena Malik, who became popular after her appearance on the reality show Bigg Boss is back in news and this time she is back with a more controversial issue. Veena Malik who is popular for grabbing headlines in the most shocking ways said in an interview that she would definitely go for the nude Playboy photoshoot if she is asked for $1 million. Malik says that it would be the opportunity of a lifetime and she would certainly and happily say ‘yes’ to this.

    Veena Malik, who has her standing in Bollywood and has grabbed the jobs in Hindi films and continues doing so with the controversies she creates, has been on the headlines since the day she went nude for FHM India Magazine.

    In an exclusive interview with Mirror, she said that she is a model and she will definatley pose ‘nude’ if she gets a $1million offer from the ‘Playboy’ magazine.

    “I’d think about it. Why would I say no?” the Mirror quoted her as saying. “It’s a great opportunity. I’d definitely go for that. “That is my job. I am a model and I would consider every single opportunity that comes my way,” she added.

    The actress shot to fame when she appeared naked for FHM India edition. The celebrity status came to her not just for posing naked but for all the charges and counter-charges that followed between her and the magazine after the pictures made headlines.

    She claimed that the pictures were doctored and called press conferences, gave away interviews and also went ahead to say that she will sue the magazine for tampering her photographs.

    Veena Malik has got an army of people in her country who dislike her so much so that her own father has disowned her still she is unfazed. She rather thinks she is doing something good for the females of Pakistan.

    Malik received death threats after the images were published, but she’s now admitted she would have no problem baring all for Hugh Hefner’s iconic publication.



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