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    Default Veena Malik gets mobbed by crazy fans in Fiji

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    There are always two sides to a coin. While being famous comes with its own perks, there is a flip side too, which is of being followed by millions of ardent fans wherever you go. Actors getting mobbed in public happen to be a very common affair. But things can turn a bit complicated if a production house isn't well aware of any of their star's popularity among the masses.This is what happened on the sets of Navin Bhatra's directorial movie SUPERMODEL.

    As the film shoot was taking place in Fiji, its cast and crew were busy shooting in and around that area. And so was Veena Malik, who was playing the female lead in the film. Bollywood Starlet Veena Malik is not just adored by fans in India and Pakistan, she also has admirers around the world.

    Veena got immense popularity after meeting attorney general of Fiji, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. As soon as the over anxious fans learned that the controversial actress was shooting a movie in their country Fiji, they thronged the location in more than thousands and within minutes crowded her like bees on a honeypot- pressing to touch their idol.

    Veena was left with no other option expect signing autographs and clicking pics with her fans! Though the production house has now made arrangements to keep Veena out of her fanís reach, this hasnít stopped the fans from lingering around the sets!

    ĎSupermodelí co-starring her ex beau Ashmit Patel is rumoured to be based on model Naomi Cambellís life.



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