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    Default Iíve tried to do movies that I think I would like to watch: Kunal Roy Kapur

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    Dressed in a casual yet smart shirt and jeans Kunaal Roy Kapur looked at ease as he warmly welcomes us into the hotels' banquet hall for an interview. Kunaal who is a director as well as an actor now was seen in Delhi Belly playing the role of photographer Nitin Beri. Not many know but he has done a stint in photography and is in fact a professional photographer in real life as well. Experts of the interview:

    How was your experience working with Rohan Sippy? I've worked with Rohan in the past before, I've directed a movie for him called `The Presidents' is coming so, I know what his sensibilities are and his sense of humor and I think that we get along quiet well. Working with him also meant sharing many ideas which were good as well as bad. It was good because I was able to share whatever I thought of, for the character, for the movie and it made the experience that much nicer.

    You've been a part of both worlds; acting and directing. Which do you prefer? I like both. Direction keeps you more involved in the film making thingie because you can poke your finger into everyones' business and act like you're in control. So there's some amount of joy in putting a project together, something like making a puzzle. So I really enjoy direction. With acting there's always a challenge of working with other actors and directors but I think apart from that it's a bit more pampered and a cushier kind of job on the sets. Having said that both of them are equally tough and I enjoy having the entertainment business of film making so both of them are great.

    What draws you to realistic and unconventional roles? Are you choosy when it comes to films? Yes I am choosy because there are a couple of reasons. One is the kind of scripts that come my way. I want to do roles that are important in a movie not necessarily the lead roles but at least roles that lead the plot forward. I think in both Delhi Belly and this I've managed to be a part of the movie where the characters are extremely essential to the plot. So, for those kind of roles to come by are also not easy, it's difficult. And also good co-actors and directors to work with, even the script. There are so many factors that go into it and that's why I've never been in a hurry to do too many movies. I've always tried to do movies that I think I would like to watch.

    Do you fear being tagged as a comic actor? I think it will tag me as a comic actor and I think I don't have a problem with that tag since I've done Delhi Belly which was a comedy and I've done Lions of Punjab which was another comedy and I've directed a comedy as well. There's definitely a space for a comic actor in principal roles in movies and I'm happy people are accepting this a s well. We've also had many such comic hero's in the past also and who on the basis of comedy have reached where they are. I enjoy that and if people accept me in such roles I'd be happy about that but not limit my self to that. I hope producers and directors see me in a different light and say that this guy can also do action or this guy can also do romance.

    Are you a professional photographer? I am but I haven't been able to do it very often now. In fact my last visit to Surat was on a photography assignment. I was shooting some tiles, which wasn't very fascinating or interesting (laughs) but it was work. I enjoy photography a lot and I feel it's one of the things that's helped me with direction because it gives you a sense of camera, movement, lighting, exposure and things like that. It's one of the many things that go into film making and photography at a base level is one of the things.

    This being your second visit to Surat, what do you have to say about the city? I was very interested in Surat the first time I came because I found it fascinating specially the old city side with narrow lanes and artistic buildings and old forts. Then when you come out on to the main city there are amazing flyovers and it's very modern. The cloth markets are massive, they are just mind-bogglingly large so I find it a very work oriented kind of place and people love their work and the business is thriving. Plus I found it very clean. It's a very interesting city and hopefully it will be one of the leading business centers in the coming years.



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