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    Default Valentine’s Day Special: Bollywood celebs define love

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    Love is in the air and how can Bollywood be not infected? Valentine's Day has received several new dimensions in the recent times - from a day considered as a day of love to a day of western influence on the Indian culture, and now a day that elaborates the broader definition of love that includes your loved ones. So, we asked few celebrities about their definition and concept of love. And this is what they had to say:

    Vivek Oberoi began his career as a gangster in Ram Gopal Verma's Company, and was soon labelled with a lover-boy image with his performance in Mani Ratnam's Saathiya. It was interesting to hear his views about love; especially, since he has passed through three different dimensions related to it — Romeo and broken-heart, husband and now, a father.

    Asked about his definition of love he said, "If you are in love as I am with my wife, then every day is a Valentine. Every day I find an excuse to tell her in a way that I am so thankful that she is in my life. Women are better than man at valuing relationships and much better than men in terms of contributing towards a relationship. You always find women contribute to a relationship more than a man. When you go for your first date, you are so conscious about what you are wearing, how you smell, how much money you have in your wallet. You have to plan the day, you have to plan the traffic, but in a relationship you take all the things for granted. You wake up in the morning looking like crap, and there is a woman, who loves you, she accepts you and that's the beauty of love. That's something you must cherish in life."

    And while we didn't expect him to talk this mushy, his co-actor in his upcoming movie - Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story, Neha Sharma added her bit. She said, "I am a die-hard romantic person. I love rom-coms and for me to do romance genre is amazing experience. I love the idea of following in love. I am single right now, but I would love to fall in love with someone as I am ready to mingle. "I have been in love in the past. I am looking at finding someone who loves me."

    So is it just about holding hands, we wondered. That brought us to the actor with a girl-next-door image, Aditi Rao Hydari who dared to talk about the sensual dimension of love. "Sensuality and love goes a long way. Lust simply suffers a premature death. If it's true love, it will always win. For me love is magic; it's about trust and understanding. It's putting the other person before you, effortlessly. Love can conquer anything; whereas lust can conquer only one thing...Everyone asks me why I am single. My answer to that is: I am a one relationship person and I believe in that philosophy of romance. If I find something in which I have belief, I will not hesitate to go for it. The first thing I notice is the person's looks. The person should be trustworthy and have a good sense of humour. He should also have the ability to look at the larger picture of things, and love me to death. I think love goes beyond roses and chocolates."

    It was then the turn of the love-smitten couple, Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia to talk about their views on love. Ritesh kicked it off by saying, "I am happy with Genelia and honestly never thought whether she is the one, or even why she is the one? We grew together as persons and also as actors. Her smile is the best thing about her." Genelia added, "Both of us are individuals in a relationship. I am extremely independent person, but when Ritesh is around, I depend on him. I enjoy and feel lucky as Ritesh is easy and has an incredible innocence in him."

    Overwhelmed with these thoughts about love, we went ahead in search of a little different tangent of thoughts on the subject. We zeroed on Chitrangada Singh and Prachi Desai, two ladies from the upcoming John Abraham flick, I, Me Aur Main. Prachi Desai said, "I am a very reserved person. I had heartbreaks and it helped me grew as a person. So, all I say is that after doing all the mistakes I have grown as a better person." However, it was Chitrangada Singh, who seemed to have dodged the question under the veil of practicality. She said, "Nowadays, women change their mind every hour. Modern man needs lot to catch up with the expectations. Everybody wants a relationship and ambition has become such a priority in life, but we are all humans and we need relationships." And we were left to wonder, where is the definition that we were seeking?

    Finally, we thought to meet the new generation debut director from the Bhatt family to pour in his thoughts about love. Vishesh said, "In today's world, which is very social and disposable, nothing is eternal. Even something as sacred as love is not permanent and can go beyond it. Murder 3 has different shades of love. It is an answer to all the sugar coated love stories, and challenges them."

    Bollywood celebs might have different definition for love, but love has always been an integral part of the industry. We wonder what would have been the views of the God of Romance, Yash Chopra, on this subject. Alas, with him attaining the heavenly abode we will never know.



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