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    Default UTV to distribute Karan Johar's next two, not Yash Raj FIlms

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    Doesn't sell distribution rights of upcoming films to Yash Raj, but to UTV

    The unexpected has happened. Yash Raj Films are no longer the sole distributors of Karan Johar's productions projects.

    In a shocking development, Karan has sold the rights of his next two films Wake Up Sid and Rensil D'Silva's untitled film to UTV for a whopping Rs 60 crore.

    Meanwhile, the distribution rights for the Karan Johar-directed My Name Is Khan are still up for grabs.

    Read on for a exclusive chat with KJo...

    Karan Johar and Ronnie Screwvala together?

    Our priorities are similar. First cinema, then the business of cinema. We both understand that it's finally about business. UTV has made niche cinema into a mainstream event. Their sense of publicity and marketing is amazing.

    Why now?
    Above any professional equation, Ronnie and I were first friends. And a business alliance was only a matter of time. Now we felt we could create a synergy together. I'm very happy with the collaboration because I believe Ronnie understands cinema and has a head for the business side. So I'm very happy to tie up.

    It's an unexpected alliance...
    Dharma Productions always worked more as a family concern than a business undertaking. We've gone more by emotion than practicality. Maybe we need to get more business-like in our dealings. I feel a certain warmth towards Ronnie which compounded with his business sense will help us grow.

    But you've never tied up with any business house before except Yash Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan.
    Yes, that's true. And Yash Uncle and Shah Rukh are family. Very frankly, I don't understand finances beyond a point. My best friend and Dharma CEO, Apoorva Mehta, takes care of that. I'm not good with money. Signing a cheque takes me a minute because I still tend to sign on the wrong line. I remember once I returned from an awards show and I had to sign a host of cheques. By mistake, I signed them, 'With Lots Of Love, Karan Johar'. My father looked at the cheques, smiled, and said, "They don't want your love. They want your money."

    Do you see corporate giants coming together as a solution to the current recession?
    I don't think collaborations are a solution to recession. Under-standing why it happened in the first place is the solution. Actors, distributors and technicians… we all need to understand why the recession happened. Suddenly, every- one was talking crores as if they were thousands. Now we're again thinking rationally and are ready to resume the process of taking cinema ahead. We had to stop being delusional about the entertainment industry. Finally, it's about the art of cinema again. We needed to rectify the imbalance between creativity and finances. Finally again, it's about creativity first, commerce next. And that's where UTV and Dharma come in. We'd like to make films that make cinema proud.

    Would you agree to direct a film for UTV?
    I never say never to anything. I've told Yash Uncle it's my dream to direct one Yash Raj Film. People go to NYU and Whistling Woods to learn filmmaking. I went to the Yash Raj school. At one point, I never thought I'd produce films. I'm doing that now. Then I thought I can only do one thing at a time. So yes, I might direct a film for them.

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