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    Default Unbuttoned: Akshay happy to be sued!

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    Akshay Kumar is for real. He’s playing a stuntsman in his next, and he actually came down to perform a stunt in Delhi to promote it, jumping off
    a 60-foot high structure.

    But he looked very tired afterwards. “ Main thaka hua sirf lag nahin raha hoon, main thaka hua hoon ,” he admitted wearily. “But that’s the fun of it, yaar!”

    Despite the danger and his exhaustion, Akshay did the stunt dressed in some really snazzy gear. “Yehi style hai bete,” he says, adding, “Have you seen the recent ad that I did for a soft drink I endorse? I can’t tell you how many youngsters have started wearing sleeveless tees after seeing that ad. In fact, the whole unbuttoning thing... the sales of that jeans brand went up by 25 to 30 per cent ’coz people started buying those jeans. What did I do? I sent a bouquet to the guy who filed a case against me – because the brand signed me on as their ambassador for the next two years too!” he laughs.

    But in the context of that controversy, does he think that celebrities become easy targets for publicity seekers? “These things are done just to grab eyeballs,” he agrees. “I recently read a funny thing – that guy who filed the case has done so with three-four other celebs as well. I guess it just becomes an addiction.”

    Akki’s recently come back from a family vacation with wife Twinkle and son Aarav in Puerto Rico, but his foreign connection’s quite apparent in his work too. He’s worked with Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh and Denise Richards in his latest, and his past few releases have all been extensively shot and marketed abroad as well – Namastey London, Singh Is Kinng and Chandni Chowk to China. Is he trying to do such films to establish himself among the foreign Indian audience and film market?

    So, does Akki deliberately do films with a strong international connect? “Aisa nahin hai. I also did 8x10 Tasveer, which did not work. I just read the script and decide whether I want to do the film or no. My next release will be De Dhana Dhan, which is a completely Indian film,” he says. But then there’s Blue with Kylie Minogue... “Yes, Blue is there, with Kylie in it, but she has a very important role,” Akki says. And is Kylie coming to India again? “I can’t say anything about that right now,” he begs off.
    He doesn’t shy away from the fact that all his films are ‘mindless’ masala entertainers, and that money matters to him. “I don’t mind the cheque. And I am all for commercial, masala films too. Ek logical film ki thi maine... Tasveer. Kaun gaya use dekhne? Maine bhi socha main thoda intellectual banoo and all that... kya fayda hua?” Akki asks.

    And Denise Richards called him a great kisser too. “Ab main kya kahoon? Thanks to Denise. And also thanks to my lip balm! Par aisa nahi hai ki film mein kissing scenes jaan boojh ke daale hain,” said Akki.



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