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    The Censor Board has asked Madhur Bhandarkar to cut out the nude scene of Neil Mukesh from the TV promo of Jail

    By Kunal M Shah
    Posted On Saturday, June 06, 2009 at 02:35:23 AM

    The nude shot
    Neil Nitin Mukesh’s nude scene in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail has the Censor Board squirming in their seats.

    The members have objected strongly to the controversial shot which features in the minute-long television promo.

    Vinayak Azad, Regional Officer of Censor Board confirmed the news and said, “In a one-minute promo, the idea behind the whole scene cannot be shown, making the context very unclear.

    When it comes to television viewers, we have to be more careful about what is shown. Hence, we have asked them to modify the promo by replacing the shot.”

    Madhur Bhandarkar
    Madhur Bhandarkar, unperturbed by the ruckus over the skin show, said, “We had pixilated the nude shot, but the Censor Board still insisted on replacing it as they felt that families would be offended. I respect the Censor B

    oard’s decision and will be replacing the shot.”

    Trial and error, Entertainment - Bollywood - Mumbai Mirror,Mumbai Mirror

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