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    Default B-Town's election debacle

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    Shame on the film industry for its failure to generate enough votes this year’s elections.

    By simply looking one’s glamorous best for the camera and asking the young to vote, the stars haven’t gone beyond lipgloss-service.
    Writer Chetan Bhagat made some pungent comments on the abysmal electoral turnout in Mumbai. “Stars simply asking for votes without informing the young about their voting rights and political options is like urging youngsters to get married without showing them how to choose a partner.”
    Dude, where’s your conscience I want to ask Salman Khan?

    Did Salman understand the gravity of the situation? That 26/11 had changed the face of Indian politics? Sadly, the new face of Indian politics has no profile or features. No one has a clue as to who are the right leaders. The stars didn’t help. They were busy campaigning to the highest bidders, political ideology and social commitment be damned.

    My vote for the Citizen Of The Year goes to Aamir Khan who put his money where his vote is. He flew back from his holiday just to cast his vote. “Write what you want about me. Criticise me, abuse me, bring up my past, question my future. But don’t dare write one word against Aamir Khan. He is...God!” bellowed the spitfire Kangna Ranaut.

    I’ve noticed the deep sense of commitment that Aamir feels towards his audience. Giving back to society what he has got in abundance comes naturally to him. And you have to admit. Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti and Taare Zameen Par were more than mere slip-in-slip-out entertainers. These films defined an artiste’s relation to his society while entertaining informing and enlightening us.

    Now that the voting is over, we can look at the lighter side of the elections...that’s all we can do, considering how light the turn-out was. Stars forgot they were supposed to set a national example this elections.Can’t blame them, most of them think setting a good example means letting youngsters know how low to wear their jeans and how to get a well-toned body. Throw in vegetarianism and slogans against child abuse. And you’ve done your duty.

    Apart from an Amitabh Bachchan, Shabana Azmi or an Aamir Khan, stars talking about issues that concern the common man look completely fake. This is why I loved Saif saying on television, “What recession? I’ve increased my price.”

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