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    Besides their love for all things trendy, the elegant Catherine Middleton, rocker chick Priyanka Chopra, the sartorially sound Sonam Kapoor and the glamourous Kareena Kapoor have one habit in common - they all like to repeat outfits and accessories. Celebrities constantly run the risk of committing fashion fraud by repeating their outfits, but all these ladies have mastered the art and confidence of re-wearing their favourite pairs of jeans, tops, dresses and jewellery for public events. And, they are now inspiring many others to follow suit.

    In November last year, Priyanka Chopra had started an online campaign asking people to be confident about repeating their clothes. At that time, the actress was quoted as saying that she can "afford" new clothes all the time, but why should she, since she likes to repeat her clothes like any normal girl. We totally agree.

    Just a few days ago, we had also spotted Sonam Kapoor repeating a polki set during Vidya Balan's wedding celebrations. To Sonam's credit, she has aced the art of mixing and matching her jewellery and ends up coming up with a unique look every time. But when it comes to jewellery, none can beat the panache with which Kareena Kapoor went the repeat route during the wedding. With everything kept low-key (atleast as per Bollywood standards), Bebo repeated the same set during her sangeet that she had worn for sister Karisma Kapoor's wedding. Joining her in the repeat-is-cool group was Karisma, who also repeated some pieces of jewellery from her own wedding.

    So, if all of them think that to repeat is cool, shouldn't you too?



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