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    Default These are tough times for Big B

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    These are tough times for Bachchan family as the megastar Amitabh Bachchan as the actor is supposed to undergo yet another surgery post two abdominal surgeries he has already had in the past week.
    Big B’s post on his social networking site has established the fact that the actor’s condition is serious. His post read,
    “The night started off with great apprehensions, what with the temperature of the fever going up – always a dangerous signal. But the mercury fell during the night, or in today’s terminology the digital reading in these modern contraptions, showed improvement and by the morning there was a freshness and hope of repair,” he posted late Thursday night.
    “Soon afterwards though, the additional pain that has developed in the abdomen, apart from the surgical, kept doctors busy and going into a huddle. Whenever they do that, I always surmise there is something more than normal in the patient. Heavy dosages of even more antibiotics were pumped in, and to facilitate this operation they had to wheel me into the OT again to put a ‘central line’, through an incision on the neck.
    “There are more doctors now being called in for consultation, for second opinion… hmmm… a lapse of some time, friends drop by inquiring after and then the doctors again… they do not differ in the analysis of the earlier doctors… so treatment remains, pain remains and I remain with you – my sincerest of well-wishers,” Big B added.
    amitabh_akshay_big “I refrain from giving greater details of my condition… in the west patient has the right to not disclose – even to family!! I realise anxious members of EF and TwFmXt need to know…whenever there is some important procedure, will inform,” Big B tweeted Thursday.
    It may be mentioned here that Amitabh’s recurring abdominal condition is a result of a near fatal injury on the sets of “Coolie” 30 years ago.

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