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    Default Top 13 Horror Movies Everyone Should See

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    Horror is a genre which intensifies your fear within. Thatís not the only fact we consider while making the list of top 10 horror movies but it is the foremost reason. Other factors are screenplay, suspense, sound effects and screams. These are the movies which are timeless classic. So here is our take on scary movies.

    13. Se7en(1995)

    Itís a different kind of horror movie.Rain and darkness were two most important factors used to create the horror around murder scene.A serial killer was trying to preach about the impurity in the world,he was inspired by ďThe Divine ComedyĒ.The death body of fat-boy still fresh in my mind,thatís the effect of that horror scene,It can be easily described as one of the greatest thriller but horror part is also worth praising.


    Itís not a horror movie but it has two most horrifying scenes in movies of last decade.The rape scene of Monica Balluchi and sladgehammer scene made this movie to this horror list.The violence is more than anything you ever think of in a movie.Itís a bleak and disturbing movie,so if you think violence is not what you like than please donít go for it.

    11. Audition(1999)

    It can be your chance to feel the horror directly from Japanese film circuit.A widower faked a movie audition in search of lady-love.Asami was the chosen girl after audition but there was something wrong with Asami.

    Asami just sits around in her room waiting for the phone to ring with a duffel bag with dubious contents sitting nearby.A wild,dark and sometime very disturbing.

    10. Saw Series(2004-2010)

    Saw series is a masterpiece of violence horror.A clever horror series which sometime drag you to the passion of killing.It can easily beat any other horror movie in terms of twist scenes.The shock value in first part is most impressive than any other movie of recent time.

    9.The Descent(2005)

    A group of women trapped in a cave and attacked by some humanoid creatures.From the starting scene onwards movie set the pace of horror which will be produced by this amazing horror movie.The movie build the tension slowly with darkness,drowning, claustrophobia and when worse things start happening,it seems there will be no end to this.A real,dark and slow tension building is the USP of the movie.

    8.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)

    Hunger is our most probable urge as human beings, and a family takes this idea to the extreme.

    The family of cannibals who hunt their victims using any means necessary for survival and a young group of teenagers was become the prey of their hunger.Leatherface-the killer who was not doing it for fun but for the hunger,that how main character was portrayed.The sound of chainsaw becomes the regular tone in nightmares of many viewers.

    7.The Thing(1982)

    12 men isolated in Antarctica and attacked by a outer space creature which can turn into anything whatever it want.So Ďthe thingí started with a dog and sub-sequential became a man,so now nobody trust anyone because anyone can be Ďthe thingí.Ennio Morriconeís score and John Carpenterís direction created the suspenseful scenario around the violence,thatís how it became a classic horror.

    6.Wolf Creek(2005)

    Itís a independent film and itís plot is based on South Australia.The cinematography makes this movie a real haunted one.It shows the vastness and loneliness of three travelers in Wolf Creek carter.

    Their car was broken and they had to take the help of a Australian veteran that how killing spree begin.It is also a example of tension building horror-movies but the rawness of the movie is more effective than ďThe Texas Chainshaw MassacreĒ.

    5. The Ring(2002)

    This one is a remake of 1998 Japanese film Ringu.I have a real respect for Japanese horror genre but in my view ĎThe Ringí outshine Ringu.

    The plot is based on a videotape,if you watched that videotape than you will be a dead man/woman within a week. Videotape plot is supported by some great sub-plotting and superb performance by Nomai Watts.The Videotape is very haunting and images in it will disturb you for at least one night.

    4. The Exorcist(1973)

    People always quote that it is the scariest movie ever made.But for many of us itís the starting of horror genre.A tight script and a great performance made this movie a classic symbol in horror genre.Special effects, in contrast to todayís make-up advancements in the film industry, are still able to stand the test of time.

    3. Psycho(1960)

    Alfred crafted Norman Bates as a normal,cool, unsettling guy rather than a murder-happy psycho.Psycho is a another tension building horror.Norman Batesí extremely freaky look when you see him watching the inspectorís car sinking into the swamp sends chills down anyone spine.You must have heard about this movie but when you will see this movie than only you can feel the real sense of horror in it.I really envy those people who had seen this movie in theater because it is a life time experience.

    2. Eraserhead(1976)

    Caution before the movie:Itís a piece of art and it canít be summarized.if you love this movie, psychiatrists can claim that youíre completely nuts .Pregnant women and young couples in love should beware as well.

    The horrible noises, the colorless and tasteless locations and the insensible characters,thatís the horror of this art piece.You feel uneasy while watching this dream world of David Lynch.Itís a nightmare and only some people can survive it.

    1.The Shining(1980)

    The long aerial shot of the only moving car on highway rang the bell about the coming horror.The movie is a masterpiece in terms of sound score and camera movement in horror movies.The long scenes,the tension building sound with a brilliant screenplay gave the perfect platform to scare us.

    A writer(Jack Nicholson) along with his family becomes the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel.Writerís son Danny sees gruesome images powered by a force called Ďthe shiningí and Jack is heavily affected by this. Along with writerís block and the demons of the hotel haunting him, Jack has a complete mental breakdown and the situation takes a sinister turn for the worse.

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