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    Default Top 10 Robbery Movies !!

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    Top 10 robbery movies. there is a difference between a heist and robbery.

    Robbery is the old classic ‘con’ man art, done with style, precision, planing and perfection.

    Here are my top 10 classy robbery movies!!

    10# The Thomas Crown Affair

    Nearly any thief can steal a priceless piece of art, but it takes a criminal mastermind to return the item to the scene of the crime while everyone is watching. That’s precisely what wealthy socialite Thomas (Pierce Brosnan) Crown does when he infiltrates a highly secure New York museum with a team of identically dressed accomplices.

    Any thing Pierce Brosnan does turns out real sexy as the man does it with such precise elegance and planning…..perfection!! Don’t wanna ruin the ending for you, but suffice it to say that the ensuing game of cat and mouse is nearly as priceless as the painting he bags.

    9# The Italian Job

    The best scenes are the ones that happen in broad daylight. That’s precisely what transpires in The Italian Job when a daring group of thieves use a little cunning and a whole lot of explosives to steal a safe right under the noses of three gun-wielding guards. The ensuing high-speed boat chase through Venice provides a welcome burst of adrenaline to offset the film’s slower moments.It highlights a group of specialist thieves doin what they do best not to mention the song “Money” by Pink Floyd that comes rite after the loot, just make you love the scene, the characters and the movie !!

    8# Entrapment

    Catherine Zeta-Jones proves that technology is no match for acrobatics as she bobs and weaves her way through a series of criss-crossing infrared security beams in order to steal a priceless Chinese mask. Her fabulous flexibility and remarkably sensual movements elevate this heist film into a stunning work of art.

    Alright lets get things in perspective, Catherine Zeta Jones in a cat suit, looking stunning, doin all the acrobatic and flexible moves with all the ‘ooomph’ and sensuality…….damn i’m drooling on my keyboard again !!

    7# Point Break

    Anyone can rob a bank while wearing a woolly balaclava, but it takes real chutzpah to hold one up while dressed as Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon. The so-called “ex-presidents” gang made it into the list of the top 10 scores by injecting a bit of colorful bravado into the deadly business of burglarizing banks.

    6# Heat

    Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, two biggest names on the planet come together to turn this movie into a masterpiece. The plot is brilliant and the tension and the thrill will sweep you off your feet in anxiety!! Pure Brilliance !!

    Even the most brilliantly conceived robberies don’t always go according to plan. Neil McCauley’s carefully planned armored car heist turns into a bloodbath when a new recruit murders a guard, thereby requiring McCauley and his men to execute the remaining witnesses. The scene is a harbinger of things to come as the group engages in another deadly shootout toward the film’s explosive conclusion.

    5# The Dark Knight

    I think i cannot even begin to describe the thrilling and brilliant robbery portrayed in this flick. From the plot to the characters to the action to the background music score….every thing is spot on perfect !!

    The only thing more terrifying than clowns are clowns with grappling hooks and semi-automatic weapons. This frightening vision comes to life in the first six minutes of The Dark Knight as The Joker and his crew make an armed withdrawal at a Gotham bank.

    4# The Score

    This film represents the first (and last) time Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro appeared in the same film, and watching the two Hollywood heavyweights together is a rare treat that every cinephile should indulge in.

    This movie one of my all time favorites. It has this real great mix of elements of new and old.

    De Niro uses cutting-edge technology and good old-fashion cunning to break into Montreal’s heavily guarded customs house……. an absolute delight to watch!!

    3# Inside Man

    This one is a bit hard to categorize as there was no robbery involved, Confused!!! This one is a brillliant set up and will keep you on the edge of you seat at all times… not miss a single scene!!

    When is a bank robbery not a bank robbery? When it’s a brilliant diversion, of course. Master criminal Dalton Russell gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “inside man” when he stages an elaborate bank robbery allowing him to set up residence in the building’s basement completely undetected. The ensuing heist is all the more sweet thanks to the careful planning and remarkable patience that go into its execution.

    2# Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13

    This trilogy is filled with brilliant and amazing concepts involving a mix of modern and classic approach. It features one of the best directed scenes and real suitable back ground score.

    Definitly missing on something if you havent seen this one!!

    One of the best scenes in Ocean’s 13 is when Danny Ocean and his crew momentarily disable his security system of the Vegas casino by simulating an earthquake. The security breach costs Banks a cool $500 million, making it far and away the biggest heist in our list of the top 10 scores. Sure, it’s a bit far-fetched, but the film is so stylish and fun that you barely even notice.

    1# The Sting

    The Sting claims first place on the list of the top 10 scores for having the most elegant scheme. Gondorff (Paul Newman) and Hooker (Robert Redford) manage to swindle Chicago crime boss Doyle Lonnegan when they organize a wire game, an elaborate scam in which a sizable group of con artists create a simulated wire store where the results from horse races are received by telegram and posted on a large board. The results, of course, are determined in advance by the con men, who in turn give their marks a number of surefire betting tips to build up their confidence before bilking them for a large sum of money on a piece of carefully calculated misinformation. Gondorff and Hooker execute the con to perfection and even add an unexpected twist at the end to ensure they’ll never again have to worry about Lonnegan or his goons.
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