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    Default TOP 10: Love triangles in Bollywood

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    Recently there were rumours of Katrina Kaif making Deepika Padukone insecure about Ranbir Kapoor. We may never know the real story behind the threesome. But here are the hottest off-screen love triangles in Bollywood and some stars who acknowledged them, others who rebuffed but all written and spoken about

    Bipasha Basu-John Abraham-Dino Morea

    It was no secret that Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea were a couple for the longest time. But one night when the dusky heroine was allegedly molested it was John Abraham who came to her rescue. Dino was supposedly very much around but wasn't by his girlfriend's side. Nothing has been the same for the three from that night.

    Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif-Akshay Kumar

    Call it a promotional stunt but the chemistry between Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif was very in our face during the last year's IPL. Rumours started flying fast but all three maintained a stony silence through it all. Akki and Kat later appeared on Salman's Dus Ka Dum but speculations continued. After all Akki gave Kat what Salman couldn't – a string of hit films! Today Akshay has moved beyond Katrina; Kat has moved beyond Salman. As for the Khan, we're not quite sure.

    Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif-Ranbir Kapoor

    If the gossipmongers are to be believed, Salman Khan was quite miffed with Katrina. Quite like Deepika, our man was getting insecure because Kat and Ranbir Kapoor were reportedly getting a little too close for comfort on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani in Goa. But Sallu, we really can't remember Katrina mentioning being in a relationship with you to begin with!

    Katrina Kaif-Salman Khan-Asin Thottumkal

    If Katrina Kaif was reportedly romancing Ranbir Kapoor in Goa, Salman Khan was not left behind. Apparently the star was getting quite close and personal with his London Dreams co-star Asin Thottumkal! In fact the rumours got so strong that Katrina actually visited the sets of the film in Punjab.

    Harman Baweja-Priyanka Chopra-Shahid Kapoor

    The real story about the alleged relationship between Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra may only be revealed in 2050. But after the release of Harman's disaster, Priyanka Chopra was promptly being linked with Kaminey co-star Shahid Kapoor. Priyanka-Shahid in a car, Priyanka-Shahid in a café… the rumour mills were churning out stories every other day. Now apparently the two have been laying off each other. Whew! Wonder if this one's another publicity stunt…

    Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor-Shahid Kapoor

    Clearly the most written about story in the last five years, this threesome has managed to maintain dignity despite whatever happened. Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor were going strong and steady for the longest time till Saif stepped into the scene and got close with Kareena during the making of Tashan!

    Vidya Balan-Shahid Kapoor-Sania Mirza

    After he broke up with Kareena Kapoor, Shahid was spotted with Vidya Balan. Much before the release of their Kismet Konnection, the two were all over the place. In fact Shahid reportedly took Vidya home one night after a press conference! But then there was another angle to this complicated story. Shahid Kapoor was linked to Sania Mirza! We're not sure if one can call it a triangle. But geometry has never seemed better.

    Suzzane Khan-Hrithik Roshan-Barbara Mori

    Clearly the most written about story in the last one month, this one had been doing the rounds for quite some time before that. Rumours about Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori getting more than friendly started floating while they were shooting for Kites. Things came to a head when a Mumbai tabloid reported that the star's marriage to Suzzane Khan was over. The very same day Hrithik Roshan sent out SMSes to every journalist who bothered to contact him refuting the story. But the damage was evidently done. Kites, meanwhile awaiting release.

    Salman Khan-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-Vivek Oberoi

    If ever there was a library documenting the love lives of the stars, this one deserves an honourable mention. Imagine a young starlet hitting out at an established superstar over his girlfriend! Childish you say? Guess what Vivek is still regretting every moment of the press conference, especially after Aishwarya dumped him for another man altogether!

    Lara Dutta-Kelly Dorjee-Dino Morea

    Up and coming star Lara Dutta was living in with Kelly Dorjee for the last eight years. Suddenly Partner happened and Dutta was suddenly the hottest young thing. She found a 'mentor' in Salman and Kelly Dorjee was out of her life. Lara has now been spotted with Dino Morea. Funnily Dino and Kelly were friends, just like John and Dino were! Life comes a full circle, we say.

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