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    Default I told Ramu I didn't want to direct it. And I left...

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    I told Ramu I didn't want to direct it. And I left...

    By Subhash K Jha

    Post 26/11 Bollywood is surely shedding its glamorous plume. No more fluff stuff for a while.

    Prawaal Raman who broke his milk teeth at Ram Gopal Varma's Factory making, among other things, the Darna Manaa Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai series for the indefatigable RGV, is all set to make India's first film on the Bipolar Disorder disease.

    So it the film called 'Varma Manaa/Zaroori Hai?'

    "No no such thing, " laughs Prawaal. "I've named it Happy Teachers Day. It's a story tracing the relationship between a professor and his student.

    When I read about the Bipolar Disorder I wanted to make a film about it. Not too much is known about this psychological disorder. And it can go undetected for a lifetime because the mood swings are often taken to be just over-moodiness in an individual."

    Farouq Shaikh has been finalized to play the professor. The hunt is on for a suitable actor to play the student. Prawaal has auditioned a number of actors but is yet to zero in on a suitable face, though he starts shooting in January for his producers People Pictures.

    About his parting with Ram Gopal Varma, Prawaal says, "The other day a producer was trying to instigate me into talking against Mr Varma. I told him if it wasn't for my tenure at the Factory I wouldn't be doing the work that I'm doing right now."

    The parting with Varma, however, was far from amicable. Prawaal was directing a film called Zabardast featuring Nisha Kothari and Karan Nath for Ramu when he just upped and left.

    Says Prawaal, "After ten days of shooting Zabardast I realized it wasn't going anywhere. So I told Mr Varma I didn't want to direct it. And I left…Whatever happens, happens for the best."

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