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    Default I once threw a chair at Shahid: Shiamak

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    Dance guru Shiamak Davar, on a thin, bony boy who metamorphosed into a
    dancing star

    How was Shahid as an aspiring dancer at the academy?
    Much before Ishq Vishk, 'Pankaj Kapur's son' joined my dance academy (Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts) but had no airs of being so. Initially he was quite strange and his body was thin and bony! However, he caught on with the dance quickly and became rather mischievous too. I remember throwing a chair at him once out of anger, and there was simmering tension between us after that. However, it melted the moment he gave me one of his scared smiles.

    How has he grown as a dancer and actor?
    His metamorphosis has been very strange. We have seen glimpses of his capability in some films but I also feel he needs to be more flexible, especially in his dance. He has the discipline and commitment to give us many more great films. Once after winning a coveted trophy at our summer classes, he had emotionally told me 'I'll never let you down'. He hasn't, as yet.

    Shahid seems to be on his way to the league of Bollywood's greatest dancers. What are your critical observations on his dance?

    Yes, he is. To me the league's greatest have been Govinda first and Hrithik/Shahid on the next level. While Hrithik is more graceful, Shahid has commendable technique. Comparatively, I see more of myself in him than in Hrithik. He has solid co-ordination and control but needs to work on stamina. Also, he must adapt to more filmy dances... Shiamak's dances are not always filmy!

    Have you seen Chance pe Dance or its promos yet?

    No, I haven't; I arrived from abroad recently. But I am told that he's mentioned my name in a dialogue talking about dancing greats. So I am looking forward to watching it! - Malay Desai



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