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    Default "They've got the wrong guy!" Zeenat Aman's secret love's mistaken identity

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    Zeenat has found A-man. But itís not the one that a section of the media has dug up. Ever since glamour diva Zeenat Aman made it known that there was a man in her life curiosity about the lucky gentlemanís identity has touched the sky.

    Some enterprising television channels sprang up the name of the 35-year old Shiv Sena member and real-estate dealer Sarfaraz Ahsan Ahmed as the man Zeenat is all set to marry ...and the lucky Mr Ahmed suddenly became a celebrity in his own Ďriteí.

    When I spoke to Zeenat she was laughing so hard she could barely speak. ďThey got the wrong guy. This is not the man in my life at all. This gentleman that a section of the media has made into the man in my life is someone Iíve known over the years. He is part of the Shiv Sena. I met him when I attended a couple of Shiv Sena events. Iíve known him through his association with Bala Saheb.Ē

    Baffled by being linked to a person she just happens to know casually Zeenat wonders, ďWhere on earth did he come into the picture? And how did the media decide I was seeing this gentleman (Sarfaraz Ahsan Ahmed)? Itís all too puzzling and embarrassing for me , and I am sure for this gentleman too.Ē

    So far Zeenat has not even contacted Sarfaraz Ahsan Ahmed ever since their names were erroneously linked. But one now has reason to believe that the lady, not known to be messed around with, would be taking the strongest of action against the section of the media which insists on linking her to the wrong person.

    Says Zeenat, ďI have two grownup sons who, as Iíve repeatedly said are my first and only priority in life.I donít want them, or me, to be embarrassed in public by such irresponsible games of fantasy match-making. The whole matter has been blown out of all proportions. I just happened to mention casually to a journalist that thereís someone in my life and there may be marriage in future. The next thing I knew I was hounded for information on my personal life.Ē

    Zeenat says she is in no mood to reveal any more about her personal life than she already has. ďIíve said as much as I wanted to. No one can get more out of me by throwing names in the public domain.Until I am ready to reveal the identity of the person in my life no one can get it out of me by barking up the wrong tree. So all I can say at the moment is, sorry, guys. You got the wrong person.Ē



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