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    Default Tena eagerly awaits Norah's maiden Indian tour

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    Tena Desae, the lead actress of Table No 21, has a singer she loves to listen to at any time. It's Norah Jones. In fact, Tena is eagerly awaiting Grammy Award Winner singer Norah's first India tour too.

    She has been hearing the US jazz artiste for a long while now, and was waiting for her favorite singer to go live. When the opportunity to do so came up, she decided on catching the live concert both in Mumbai and Bangalore. The plan is to first catch the brand-new festival called A Summer's Day in Mumbai and after that catch her playing live in Bangalore with her childhood friends.

    Since the actress also hails from Bangalore, which is the hub for all live events, she's especially excited about it. Says Tena, "I have always admired the multi-talented Norah Jones, not just for her sultry voice, but also for her penning the songs so differently.' Don't Know Why and Come Away With Me, are my favorite tracks that I listen while I'm behind the wheel. They're tracks you can get so used to."

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