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    Default Television is very stressing: Rucha Gujrathi

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    Television is very stressing: Rucha Gujrathi
    Rucha Gujrathi is among one of the television actors who likes to try out different roles. She played the lead role in the serial named Bhabhi and now she is making her bollywood debut with the movie Lottery. Here is the chat we had with her about the movie and her career.

    How come such a skip from television to movies was it a planned thing or it happened by chance?
    No, it wasn't a planned thing it happened so that the director approached me and I read the script and liked my character in the movie a lot and went for the role.

    What is the story line of your debut film Lottery? As the name suggest is it about the winning of Lottery ticket ?
    No, it is not about winning the lottery ticket actually a lot of money is involved in the story it's a love cum suspense thriller. I am playing the character name Zoha in the film and Abhijeet who is my love interest in the movie gets into some difficulty and Zoha me helps him out to get out of it.

    What is the difference you found in working between television industry and film industry?
    There is lot of difference as the film industry is really chilled out you can work on your character and you get time to do your homework but in the television you don't get time at all and it is very stressing because you have to work on a daily basis.

    How was it working with Abhijeet Sawant as even he is making his debut with this movie?
    It was really nice working with him.Abhijeet has done justice with the role as he has got a look of boy next door and his looks complimented the character of the movie very well.

    What are your future plans would you be doing only films now or would continue doing television too?
    I don't plan my future I believe in living for present but most of my future plans will be based on the success of this movie so I am eagerly waiting for the release.

    Is there any other upcoming films?
    No, right now I m only concentrating on this movie and its promotion and have none other movie coming.

    Are you happy with the bubbly tag given by the media ?
    Yes, I m happy with the tag as it is actually the way I m in my real life I love to enjoy each moment of my life and after all it is nothing wrong to be tagged as "bubbly".

    How was it working in the dance reality show Saas Vs Bahu?Would you do any other reality show?
    It was amazing working in the dance reality show like Saas Vs Bahu as I love dancing and I got a chance to show my dancing talent through this show. I would definitely do other reality show as well but this time I would like to show my hidden singing talent to the audience.

    All your television shows had a good T.R.P do you think you will get the same response for your movie?
    Yes, I think I will definitely get the good response from the audience as it is all about your talent if you are talented you will be liked by the audience no matter it is television or films.

    Has your experience of television came to any use in the film?
    Yes, it has helped me a lot as I had a good experience in television so I was quite camera friendly and both television and films deals with the creativity so I got handful tips from it.

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