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    Default Teen Thay Bhai Releasing Today (April 15, 2011)

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    Is blood really thicker than water?

    Can the lure of lucre (money) bring together three brothers who can't stand the sight of each other?

    What happens when three of India's most talented actors come together in a hilarious comedy?

    Three down-on-their-luck and out-of-money brothers meet for the reading of the will when their grandfather dies. And this is no easy meeting, because they hate the very sight of each other. This is no death at the funeral, but a premonition of hell, and all they want to do is to get back to their lives, miserable as they might be.

    But suddenly there is hope for freedom-from their money, woes and from each other. They find that their grandfather has left them an inheritance that will free them of financial worries for ever. But-as always-there is a catch. The brothers will get the multi-crore estate only after fulfilling a series of bizarre clauses set forth by their eccentric grandfather. They will have to spend an entire night at an abandoned cabin on the estate, along with the two other people they hate the most - their brothers. And their dead grandfather's ashes for company.

    But even that's not all. The brothers are required to repeat this ritual every year for the next three years. Having somehow suffered through this ordeal for the first two years (after all who would not do the most odious things imaginable to hear the sweet sound of money), we are finally at the third and final year. It's been a heavy winter and the cabin is snowed-out. It's the night of the reunion and the brothers arrive one by one at the cabin, in a tearing hurry to get over with the "blasted reunion" and move on. And then...

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    Nice summary of that Teen Thay Bhai. I really want to see this video and I want to watch it. It is really nice movie.



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