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    Default Tarina Patel not ready to forgive Saif Ali Khan

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    Recently Saif was involved in a brawl with NRI Iqbal Sharma. The fight turned ugly and a case was filed against Saif for assaulting Iqbal Sharma. Saif was arrested by the Mumbai police and he was out on bail. Now Saif wants to avoid going to court to sort the issue.

    Recently talking to a leading daily Saif says he wants to resolve the matter out of court an handle it between themselves like men.

    Now all hopes of Saif Ali Khan having an out of court settlement in the high profile Taj brawl seem to have gone up in smoke!!

    Tarina Patel, wife of NRI businessman Iqbal Meer Sharma vehemently denying any intent of settlement, the going may get tough for the Nawab of Pataudi. The Sharma’s are in no mood to call a truce and are determined to pursue the matter legally.

    Tarina said, “An entrepreneur friend Ali Bagash said that Saif asked him for a compromise. I don’t know whether we can trust him because everyone around us is trying to get a moment of fame from this unfortunate incident.”

    Tarina also said that she could never forgive Saif and his group for what they did on the brawl night. She alleged that Shakeel Ladak had punched her father so hard that his glasses fell down on the floors. She feels that all are supporting Saif and, hence promises to expose him.

    Following the brawl between Saif Ali Khan and NRI Iqbal Sharma, the latter slapped a legal notice against the actor. After this, the other female eye-witnesses like Kareena Kapoor and Malaika Arora Khan lend their full support to Saif, due to which Sharma’s wife Tarina blasted both Saif and Bebo in retaliation.

    Tarina Patel, who made her Bollywood debut in 2007 in the film Just Married, also earlier claimed that she wasn’t at all worried even if Bollywood boycotts her for lashing out at stars like Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, as family comes first for her.



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