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    Default Tamil cinematographer: 5D camera keeps budget in control

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    Tamil cinematographer Shanmugasundaram, known for his work in "Rowthiram" and "Aarohanam", says 5D camera helps in minimising effort and maximising output.
    "With the help of 5D camera, one can capture shots that are considered impossible with stand alone camera. It helps in capturing the most unconventional shot with minimum effort and in turn produces maximum output," Shanmugasundaram told us.
    What is the biggest advantage of using 5D camera?
    "It helps in keeping a tab on the production cost. Most independent filmmakers today use 5D because they have shoestring budget," he said.
    Shanmugasundaram gives credit to the 5D camera for his slick shots in "Aarohanam".
    "We shot some scenes in a very small room for the film. It's impossible to shoot with a regular camera in that minimum space. However, with 5D, I could shoot comfortably without worrying much about the output," he added.
    A visual communication graduate, Shanmugasundaram feels pictorial depiction of a story before shooting helps in understanding the need of a director.
    "I sit with the director and create a storyboard before actually shooting a scene. You can't always remember to shoot smallest detail on the sets. Sometimes you tend to forget, therefore, it is wise to work with a storyboard as it helps in capturing every detail pictorially on paper," the cinematographer added.
    He is currently working on Aadhi Pinisetty starrer Tamil-Telugu bilingual.



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