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    Default A tableau at Republic Day to mark 100 years of cinema

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    This is the first time a tableau on cinema will be seen at the Republic Day parade on Rajpath. The tableau, which celebrates the completion of 100 years of Indian cinema, is shaped as a mythological bird-boat, called Mayur Pankhi. It is silver in colour (for the silver screen), and has names of various movies, both regional and Hindi, engraved on it.

    Talking about the selection of movies, a representative from National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC), which has designed the tableau, told us, "Our focus is not only on popular cinema, but also on parallel cinema, which is why we have scenes from Mother India and photos of actors like Naseeruddin Shah, as well as a Shah Rukh Khan mannequin."

    Some junior artistes, who will be dressed as iconic characters from Bollywood movies, will be seen waving from the tableau on January 26 (see pic above) while a song and an audio track featuring actor Irrfan's voice will play in the background. However, we noticed that there was no one dressed as a character from one of Salman Khan's films, or, for that matter, as a Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor.

    Saumya Sen, creative director of the tableau, told us, "Our focus was to look far back in the past, and therefore, we have stressed on the early stuff to highlight this sentiment. There is a limitation on the number of people who could have been a part of the tableau." The NFDC representative said, "It was difficult to find a person who had a physique which could match up to Salman Khan's."



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