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    Default Surprised, Adi likes my kind of cinema: Dibakar Banerjee

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    Dibakar Banerjee tells us how exactly he reacted when Chopra signed him up for a three-film deal

    Film enthusiasts and the fraternity were taken by surprise when YRF announced that they are signing up Dibakar Banerjee for a three-film deal. Speculations have been rife since then about what could have possibly brought about the unlikely alliance of the maker of LSD and Khosla Ka Ghosla and the production house known for its glossy, high-octane projects.

    In a conversation with TOI, Dibakar says that he too was surprised when the alliance happened. "Looking at YRF's filmography, well I must say I was pleasantly surprised when Adi told me he likes my kind of cinema."

    But he points out that the production house has been shifting its focus. "I have realised that they respect talent immensely. In our first meeting itself, Adi and I realised we were on the same page. We have similar creative goals. We both love cinema, which works also for an international audience," he says.

    The three-film deal will see Dibakar work with the production house as a director and co-producer for two films, while the third one will be directed by Kanu Behl. Behl has written Dibakar's LSD.

    Rubbishing sceptics who have been speculating on whether YRF will interfere with his creative vision, something Dibakar is fiercely possessive about, he says:

    "Adi told me 'If we get involved with the creative aspect of your film, what is the point in teaming up with you?' I think I have answered your question."

    There have been unsubstantiated reports abut Dibakar driving a hard bargain with the production house, asking for a whopping Rs 15 crore for the three films. But Dibakar laughs it off: "These figures are absolutely wrong. The budget hasn't yet been decided, how do you expect me to quote my fees? I focus on content and quality. I am not in the betting game -itne mein baanaunga, itna business karegi meri picture. Please!"

    While all this has been welcomed by the fans and followers of Dibakar, here's something that could be a dampener.

    Contrary to reports that his next is a whodunit based in Kolkata, Dibakar insists he has not decided on the genre yet, and prefers to ramp up the suspense like the astute filmmaker that he is.



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