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    Default Suno na.. Tara does pregnancy PR

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    Tara Sharma is pregnant, but her hormones and PR machinery is in high overdrive. A mail from the pregnant actress containing her pictures states
    she is open to endorsements.

    She writes, "This is a little random but as I am feeling great and haven't put on any weight except for my baby bump...thanks to my love of exercising and being on the move, a photographer friend took some photos of me pregnant. I thought they may amuse you so am sending you some. ...If you know of any great pregnancy or baby products I could endorse in this state do let me know heehe, most keen to keep working even in these months!"

    The to-be-momma is doing well. She says, "We are fine baby included heehe! Just two more months to go before our little one arrives! Just hope it all goes well, get a little nervous at the idea of the actual delivery heehe! But fortunately being in the hands of a great doc, Dr Firoz Soonawala, I hope all will go smoothly! "

    On the work front, she adds, "Suno Na, where I play a pregnant woman is releasing soon so I can do authentic publicity for that heehe and then I am completing close ups for Dulha Mil Gaya, where fortunately as my face is the same, it does not affect continuity! Then Mocktale with Rajat, Prab, me, Koel, Tisca and Neel releases soon so looking forward to all that. Unfortunately I had to back out of Karan's film with Rensil as the shoot was delayed and my 8th month would be too late to fly to and shoot in NYC. But they were all so lovely about it so I definitely hope to work with Karan and Rensil in the future...for now of course, Roopak and my priority is our home production heehe...our baby!"

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