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    Default Sunny Leone says "thanks" to Indian viewers

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    Even as Sunny Leone is filming for Jism2 in Sri Lanka and has signed on another film with Balaji Telefilms, Ragini MMS 2, viewers will be glad to know that she feels that her Indian experience with Bigg Boss 5 was amongst the highlights of her career. Earlier this year, she hosted the Adult Video Network Awards and at that time during the course of her interview she said that she has a chance to make it big in the country.

    “I am on a rollercoaster. The market is India is totally different from what it is here. I have a chance to breakout from adult into mainstream, which is what every girl wants to do. It’s a whole different world out there,” she told interviewer Chick Hughes.

    “It gives me goose bumps that so many Indians are in love with me,” she told him.

    “I was in the Bigg Boss house all the time. But everyone from children, teenagers, moms, dads separated Sunny Leone the adult star from Sunny Leone the girl. The fans put on blinders and accepted me. I never thought in a million years I would be in this position.”

    She added that she has got offers from several companies to brand their merchandise, right from alcohol to jewellery to shoes to of course, condoms.
    Clearly, Sunny is in for sunny times.



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