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    Default Sukh by Chance's Special Episode

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    Sony and Hats Off Productions' Sukh By Chance's special episode will bring out some surprising turn of events...

    Sony and Hats Off Productions' Sukh By Chance has been getting good TRP and the channel is even contemplating to extend the show to one hour this Thursday. There will be a one hour special episode wherein the entire family will get to know that there is 3 crore rupees in their house. Till now it was a well-guarded secret thanks to Mohan bahi (Sanjeev Jogtiyani) and Tina Mehta (Ketki).

    According to our source "Mehta family comes to know that Rs. 3 crores is hidden in the house and Mohanbhai didn't trust them to inform about the same. Tina informs Rajesh and Dhiraj that money has been transferred to their account. Rajesh and Dhiraj's eyes gleam with a new found hope... all start dreaming about what they will do with the money. They forget about being upset with Mohanbhai. Mohan is now happy and tells that now he can get help from his family members to search for the real owner of money and that he will keep the money in the bank locker until he finds about the real owner. Rajesh is stunned and asks why Mohanbhai has to return money as the money this THEIRS! Mohanbhai asks him where did he get this idea from and Rajesh says that Tina showed them the bank statement which clearly states that the money has been credited in their joint account which means it is theirs! Mohanbhai is stunned with Tina's act and walks out in anger. Tina doesn't know what to do."

    The channel will take the decision of changing the show to an hour-long one based on the response received on the coming Thursday's Special Episode. When contacted JD Majethia said "As of now we are planning on Thursday's special episode where the entire family will get to know about the money. However the decision on the show changing to permanent one hour slot has not been taken. The channel will take a call after seeing the response of Thursday's episode."

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