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    Default Sudhir Mishra's new film christened New New Delhi

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    Sudhir Mishra’s next film will be entitled New New Delhi. No prizes for guessing that it would be set in Delhi. New Delhi, to be more precise. But what is this additional ‘New’ in the title New Delhi?

    Sudhir who has been threatening to relocate his filmmaking roots to the city where he grew up says there are three distinctly different Delhis in today’s times.

    “There is old Delhi, New Delhi and there is now the new New Delhi where an ambitious breed of brokers, middlemen, mediators, political lobbyists and wheeler dealers rule the roost. My New New Delhi would go into that world of ambitious go-getters who have turned Delhi into a curious mixture of Shanghai and Washington.”

    The film’s hero would be what Sudhir describes as a fixer. “It’s the story of the rise of a fixer in my new New Delhi. The city’s new moral landscape would unfold through this character.”

    Mishra wants to cast his blue-eyed boy Arunoday Singh in the central role. But there is a problem. “Arunoday’s body language and personality is very urbane. I need an actor who makes his way from rural North India to the heart of the capital. If Arunoday would be willing to work on his accent and body language he can be my fixer.”



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