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    Default Suddenly, Imran Khan is no longer a hot property

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    Two back-to-back big budget flops in Kidnap and Luck, and Imran Khan has suddenly become a thanda actor from being a hot property that he was post his debut film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’s release.

    Otherwise what else would explain for A list heroines rejecting his romantic comedy Seven Days in Paris? But that’s not all; the kind of hype that had been created around Imran, post his debut film’s stupendous success is rapidly waning amongst Bollywood trade circles.

    A trade insider states, “Imran had been claiming that he is extremely choosy and selective when it comes to films offered to him and that, he gives the scripts utmost importance but if that was so, then how did screenplay disasters such as Kidnap and Luck happen?”

    He further continues, “What is irking filmmakers is the price he has been quoting. One hit wonder Imran has been quoting absurd prices to makers, which more established stars still shudder to demand in present recession period.

    Given his back to back flops record, in present times of recession big makers are thinking twice about putting big money on him again. Also, the critics have lashed out his expressionless acting in both these flops, making the matters worse for Imran.”

    Another industry source claims there is a news going around in Bollywood that Imran was paid Rs. 8 crore for Luck.

    “Shocked? Well the thing is that he was initially going to be paid Rs. 1 crore only for the film. In fact he had been signed before the release of Jaane Tu but after Jaane Tu’s success the Luck producers sold their film to Indian Films at a much higher price than it was earlier decided for.

    While there were earlier talks of selling the complete rights of the film for Rs. 40 crore, post Jaane Tu success they were sold at Rs. 54 crore. When Imran came to know about it he demanded his share in the profit from Luck producers since they earned Rs. 14 crore extra. Luckily, Imran succeeded in getting additional Rs. 7 crore from them!”
    Imran is doing Aamir Khan Productions’ Delhi Belly and Karan Johar’s next production.

    Considering it’s his Maamujaan’s film, one can be assured that he won’t be paid his market price and at the same time, it is a well known fact in industry circles that Karan Johar always pays less fees to his stars, whosoever it may be. All because they are working under his prestigious banner!

    Once the darling of Bollywood town folks, there was a time when every actress had Imran on their wish list, but now after the Seven Days in Paris fiasco apparently none of the A list actresses want to risk a film with Imran.

    Add to that those rumors about his extra interference in the scripting of the film. Latest heard about this Sanjay Gadhvi film is that even his Jaane Tu co-star Genelia D’Souza too has declined the film despite having been offered Rs. 8 lakhs as signing amount.

    Since Imran had allotted bulk dates for this film, they are all going waste and with the news trickling in that film may finally be scrapped; it will be a forced holiday for him for next few months.

    With his next release, Delhi Belly almost 8-9 months away and the Sonam Kapoor starrer KJo film yet to go on floors, we wonder what is going on in Imran Khan’s mind presently!



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