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    Default Subrata is Manisha's 'sahara'

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    Any battle with illness is a deeply personal one. But Manisha Koirala has not been fighting a lonely war. Ever since the news of her being detected with cancer broke out, the actress has been under the protective gaze of fans, family and well wishers. But what the world may not be aware of is the contribution of a certain individual in her journey to health and hope.

    TOI has learnt that Subrata Roy Sahara has been a rock in Manisha's life for all these months, ensuring that she received the best of medical aid and creature comfort while she went through the critical surgery and later chemotherapy.

    A common friend of the actress and the entrepreneur revealed to this newspaper: "Manisha's family and the Roys have been friends for more than four decades. And ever since she became an actress, the families have come even closer."

    When word of Manisha's illness reached the Roys, the family patriarch encouraged her to go for the best of treatment available in New York. "He also assured her that he will make all possible arrangements for her stay and treatment. And he did," said the friend. Roy not only enlisted the help of the best doctors in the city, he also ensured that her family was taken care of as well.

    Revealed the friend, "Manisha and her family were put up in Hotel Plaza on Fifth Avenue, which is owned by the Roys. From the moment she landed in New York till the day she got operated last month, Manisha stayed at the hotel with her family. After the surgery, she moved out to a rented apartment."

    Roy continues to keep in touch with Manisha. Said the friend, "He calls up every day for her health updates. He is extremely concerned about her and is trying his best to ensure Manisha returns to Mumbai hale and hearty."

    His efforts, coupled with the prayers of her fans must be working. Manisha's latest smartphone status says: I am going to make the Rest of my life the Best of my life.



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