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    Default How I would style - Vidya Balan

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    I don't know about you guys but am I sick of seeing Vidya Balan replicate Rekha's style and wear saree all the time. She is a very gifted actress and a beautiful full figured woman, I really like her but I can say the same things when it comes to her clothes.

    She can easily afford a stylish who would do justice to her curvy figure not just drap saree over her. Anyways while I can't figure out what is keeping her from wearing nice and stylish clothes, I thougt I would so something fun and create few styles for her, keeping her short frame and curvy figure in mind.

    For Look 1, I chose a dresseir outfit with some colors(dress and accessories), prints(cardigan) and emblellishment(accessories). It's sofisticated and very ladylike.
    For Look 2, I went for a retro theme with soft and neutral colors. I really like the color combo of dark blue and soft beige here, added a statment ring for a pop of colour.
    For Look 3, I kept it classy with some timeless peices and goldtone accessories. Peplum blazer gives it a modern flare!

    I would love to see her wearing something similar to these outfits, would you ?



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