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    Default "Stunt" warning ticker in SoS raises eyebrows

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    These days’ film audiences see something new before a film begins and also after the interval and that is warning tickers against the hazards of smoking or usage of tobacco in any other form.

    If this was not enough, it seems filmmakers have decided to use such a warning of the hazards of performing dangerous stunts. In the just-released Ajay Devgn-Sonakshi Sinha-starrer Son Of Sardaar a lengthy stunt involving Devgn on a horse and a villainish supporting actor on a motor bike carries a ticker- warning saying the stunts were generated through computer graphics.

    Is it also a censorial demand? “No”, says our source in the CBFC. "This statutory warning that accompanies the stunts in Son Of Sardaar has nothing to with the CBFC. Since it involves a horse, the Animal Welfare Board asked for such a warning. The makers had no choice but to comply."

    One thing that comes in mind in this context is if major action sequences in films have to be accompanied by statutory warnings who would take these stunts seriously? Comments Mukesh Bhatt, "Since I haven't seen Son Of Sardaar yet, I cannot comment on the same. The thing is today, it’s become a free-for-all. They (CBFC) do whatever they feel like. But if things go as they are today, one day might soon come when the filmmaker has to make a similar announcement when a heroine cries saying that the tears are glycerine-induced. God bless the CBFC?



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