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    Default Stranded! Sunny Deol starrer denied shooting permission at New York airport

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    The Sunny Deol-Kangna Ranaut starrer I Love New York which was shot entirely in New York is 95 percent complete. In fact it has been in that stage for the last one and a half years. So what’s stopping the film from pushing through the finishing line?

    According to a source close to the project it’s the payment money issues of Sunny Deol is one of the issues. Secondly, the producers T Series had to resort to selling off the satellite rights of the film at a much lower price than what Deol starrers generally fetch.

    However the film’s producer Bhushan Kumar and the co-director Vinay Sapru vehemently deny that Deol is in any way responsible for the delay. According to Sapru, the reason, the film is held up is the climax.

    Avers Sapru, “We shot the entire film on location in New York. Then, we needed to shoot the climax at the FFK international airport. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t pull that off. We were told it would be a miracle if we eventually get the green signal to shoot at the NY airport. But, we decided to wait for the miracle to happen.”

    The filmmakers have now given up hope. The airport sequence would have to be fudged. They will now shoot it at the Bangkok airport and pass it off as the JFK airport.

    Sapru is of the belief that no one would be able to tell the difference. “You see, the topography of New York is a model for every super-metropolis in the world. Bangkok is like a replica of New York including the airport. So, no one would be able to tell the difference.”



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