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    Default A star match made in heaven

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    I still remember that evening when Mr Bachchan called to say his son had got engaged.

    “We’re at Aishwarya’s place and Jaya and I have just asked for Aishwarya’s hand for our son from her parents.” Some marital associations are made in heaven. Aishwarya and Abhishek were meant to be together. I had a small hand in how Ash (I hate calling her that) became Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. One day close to wedding I was teasing her about how Aishwarya Bachchan would sound... Or would she continue to be called by her brand name Aishwarya Rai? I pointed out to her Rai is part of Abhishek’s ancestral name. His grandfather was Harivanshrai Bachchan, remember? That’s how Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was born.

    Two years into the marriage she wears the Bachchan name with the pride of a delicate family jewel. Never over-stated. It’s amazing to see how beautifully Aishwarya has adjusted into the Bachchan household. On any average day when she is in town you can see her at Jalsa sharing the household responsibilities with the lady of the house. Within Jalsa Aishwarya has in two years established an amazing rapport with all the members of the household. Jaya gave up her career at its prime.

    Aishwarya is today doing more films than she did before marriage. In his support of his wife’s career, Abhishek reminds me of the husband in yet another super-successful filmdom alliance. Saira Banu always tells me how the mighty Yusuf Saab not only encouraged her to keep working after marriage he goaded her into signing films. Abhishek is one of the most-devoted husbands in the film industry.
    I was recently talking to another star-husband who manages to steer clear of temptation. I asked him how. “Tight underpants,” he deadpanned. I think it takes a little more than just self-control. Star marriages specially when both the parties are in the limelight require loads of selflessness.

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