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    Default Being a star is better than being an actor, says Abhay Deol!

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    According to actor Abhay Deol, being a star is better than being an actor. He says stardom keeps getting you loads of work and so you are recognized in the industry.

    The actor shared his thoughts and views in the India Today Conclave on “Can You Be a Superstar Without Being an Actor?”, Abhay Deol said: “The truth of the matter is you can be an actor but people don’t know who you are and if you are a star people know you and you get the next project,” he said.

    “Unfortunately it is all about making money. It is all about getting the right project and the right platform. Unfortunately here, it is better to be a star than an actor. There is no point in being very artistic when you are a star. You can at least work on your acting when you are a star,” he added.

    The actor also admits to the fact that he is insecure in the Bollywood industry as people here tend to judge very quickly.

    “It is a very insecure industry a lot of people judge on your last film. It is not that one flop is going to destroy your career but having three in a row, you might see less people hanging around you,” said Abhay Deol.
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