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    Default STAND BY: a relook at football through the eyes of Hindi cinema

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    Coinciding with the visit of the Messi, a cult player of the present times from Argentina to India, STAND BY is releasing at the opportune time. Time is opportune as football as sports in the country has started getting some serious attention, manifest from the fact that a new football league is in offer, and the mauling that the Indian cricket team has got in England, should once again shift back the focus to football. And a sports is popularized in the best possible way through the medium of motion pictures, therefore the release of STAND BY is indeed timely.

    In the recent past there have been spate of films based on different genre of sports but the successful have been those which have not relied on the star quotient to sell the product, rather they have backed themselves through the quality of content on offer, and STAND BY seems to be following in the leak as it does not have any mainstream actor or a recognizable star in the film. Advantage of this choice by STAND BY makers lies in the fact that it would help the characters to emerge and contribute to development of the film.



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