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    Default STAND BY and INVICTUS a comparative study of the way sports is marketed through films

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    One wonders how many of the viewers and the fans of cinema have seen the Hollywood film INVICTUS which is one of the most profound films made associated with sports. The reference to INVICTUS is alluded to in comparison to STAND BY as it is for the first time after a really long time that a director of eminence is directing a film on sports aka Sanjay Surkar. INVICTUS was directed by Clint Eastwood and had Morgan Freeman and Matt Deman in key roles.

    Indeed, comparative analysis of sports films as they are made in India and those made in Hollywood bring the fact out in stark relief that the Indian films are shot with underpinnings of politics, while the sports films are more to invoke the passion, nationalistic fervor, or as a channel vehicle to claim victory. INVICTUS as a film was based around the World Soccer match that was held in South Africa, and how Nelson Mandela, inspired the team to win the championship, Morgan Freeman playing the role of Nelson Mandela with panache.



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