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    Default SRK's Double has Trouble !!!

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    Making a living as King Khanís look-alike hasnít been easy for Raju Rahikwar. He has made a documentary on it called, Living in King Khanís shadow.

    The 24 minute documentary is almost done except for a quote from Shah Rukh Khan. Raju has tried hard to contact Shah Rukh, but his efforts have been in vain.

    Raju wants the world to know how he has come up in life. He just wants two minutes from SRK, for that will complete his documentary.

    He reminisces on meeting the star many times and one time when he spoke to him at Holy Family Hospital in Bandra. He remembers SRK being very humble.

    He had given Raju his office number and asked him to drop by. But Raju couldnít. He is sure that SRK will meet him when he knows it is Raju trying to contact him.
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