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    Default Things that SRK and Salman share in common!

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    Shah Rukh Khan and Salman may maintain a distance from each other, but in a small industry it's hard to be off each other's radar completely. Recently, SRK was shooting for Dulha Mil Gaya and was supposed to play a red guitar. The director Mudassar Aziz and choreographer Ahmed Khan didn't fancy the guitar provided and asked for a replacement. The only substitute in the city was with Salman, who was shooting at Famous studios, Mahalaxmi, for Wanted.

    Mudassar Aziz was aghast. He had got Shah Rukh's dates with a lot of difficulty. He was panicking that the shoot may have to be cancelled yet again as it had been several times prior to this.

    The people who supplied the guitar took a drastic risk. They sneaked out Salman’s guitar at Famous and quietly replaced it with SRK’s instrument. Sneaking into the lion’s den and having survived was no mean feat.

    “They got it without Salman knowing who sneaked into his shoot and exchanged the instruments,” said a source from the sets.

    Ahmed Khan said, “I told the suppliers that we’ll wait for a few hours but they had to get it come what may. We could not afford to cancel the shoot.”

    When Ahmed and the others asked them how they managed to get it from Salman, they said that when they entered the set, Salman was playing the guitar. After a while he kept the guitar aside and left. The suppliers took Salman’s guitar and replaced it with Shah Rukh’s guitar. The two guitars were similar and they don’t know if Salman shot with that guitar or not.

    Mudassar Aziz said, “This is the best song of my film. I know that the song is a sure shot winner and I didn’t want to settle for anything less.”

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    ωαιтιηg ƒσя
    уσυ тσ ¢σмє

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