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    Default SRK with Chow- Mouw

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    What’s SRK doing with two green creatures who look as though they’ve come from a sci-fi movie?

    Well, the two green ‘creatures’ are Chouw and Mouw. And they are part of the revamp of the logo of Videocon, one of India’s foremost electronics brands.

    The trademark V of the logo has undergone a ‘green’ change. Those of you who watch TV would have already seen the commercial — that of two green characters intermingling to ultimately form the V of Videocon. But though the animated clip looks kinda cute, creating it was not so simple, if the brain behind the clip, adman Prasoon Joshi, is to be believed.

    “What we have done is divide the logo into two units, and make characters out of them — called Chouw and Mouw. Chouw is the kind-hearted one and Mouw the more mischievous one. And together, they send out the message that if you put your heart and mind together, anything can be achieved,” says Prasoon.
    But why did the brand feel the need for the change? Was Prasoon clued in to that? Says Prasoon, “The logo needed more energy. So we energised it by giving it a more modern look. Green is the colour of the future. The logo also has a liquefied, fluid-like feel to it. It gives the feeling that the company is on the move and can take any shape and form.”

    And the unveiling of the new logo was also done in style — though not with much fanfare. Chouw and Mouw were flown all the way to San Francisco, because the Videocon brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan, was there — shooting for Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan. And there, on an abandoned petrol pump, a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, King Khan unveiled the new logo with just the crew members on the sets, and Chouw and Mouw watching him. Khan, who was pretty touched by the whole effort, said, “My best wishes to Chouw and Mouw. As an actor, I continuously try and reinvent myself to stay connected with my audience. I am delighted to be associated with Videocon, a thinking company that is taking this step to underline and further strengthen its relationship with the consumers.”

    But was SRK involved in the creative process? “He is the brand ambassador and he will be seen in the new campaigns very soon. But for now, the new V is the star,” says Prasoon. SRK signs off with, “I am sure Chouw and Mouw will capture millions of hearts and create smiles across the world.”

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