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    Default SRK-Aryan: Happy father, Proud son!

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    Shah Rukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned in order to impress his son Aryan. The actor apparently has been on a travelling spree akele akele ever since the brouhaha around his last film settled down. He has been flying all over and around Europe. My jasoos who manages to keep a tab on everything that this Khan is up to, tells me that the actor is clearly taking time off from work and does not even remotely talk shop these days. He is currently in Marrakesh and will head to London soon after, before returning to the city in a day or two.

    Anyway, coming back to news about making his beta khush, SRK on his visit to Morocco, happened to meet the Chinese martial artist and international actor Jet Li. Of course he was equally excited to have met someone who could possibly do half the stunts G.One did without any harnesses. But that wasn't what the actor was thrilled about. He was more excited about wanting to tell Aryan that he met one of his favourite actors. Let's hope this works for him. And if it doesn't, please don't let me be the first to know about it!



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